Thursday, February 11, 2010

Winter Show

We enjoyed meeting all of the people and dogs that attended the AKC 2010 winter show. We got a chance to test a couple of our new collar racks out, and were pleased at how they turned out.

Here are a few pictures from the event:

I've started a photo album of customers dogs sporting their new neckwear. If you would like to have your dog(s) added, send a clear image(s) to and we would be thrilled to add them to the website gallery and the photo album.

To the left of the photo album in this picture is the trim swatch book. This is where I have a small sample of each trim I have in stock. I'm not sure if this makes it easier, or more difficult for people to choose their custom collars, LOL.

There are now smaller collars and more matching leashes now available from the feedback I have received. If you have any comments or suggestions for items for us to carry, feel free to let us know. I am currently working on sizing for double-bar buckle collars, adjustable buckle-free collars, combination buckle & chain martingales and combination buckle and webbing martingale collars. Also on the list of items to eventually start making are harnesses, matching key fobs/keychains, and possibly matching belts for people.

I'm currently scoping out shows for the spring & summer, and trying to book booths where I can. Upcoming events will be listed here when bookings have been finalized.

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