Friday, August 5, 2011

Cool Coats Coming Soon-ish

As I sat in my booth at the AKC dog show last week I came to the decision that I would like to try my hand at making cool coats for dogs.  Every dog show and agility event that I go to, I find myself looking at them thinking I would like some for my guys but can't rationalize paying as much as they charge for them.

They can't be that hard to make, can they?  I have the ribbon, thread, webbing, buckles, sewing and embroidery machines.  All I'm missing is the shammy material, which I found wholesale at a fairly reasonable price.  Thanks to two very generous English Mastiff folks, I will be able to ship them from the warehouse to a US address and then they will be carted across the border right to Calgary, reducing the cost of cross-border shipping and making it a feasible venture.

There will be five flavors:  yellow, orange, pink, blue and teal.  Sizing and pricing will come once I have a chance to play with the material and come up with a Nearly Naked Neckwear design.  My brother assisted in coming up with just the coolest name for them which will be unveiled when they are ready for sale.

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