Saturday, May 15, 2010

Available Cotton Prints

There is now a Flickr Site for Nearly Naked Neckwear Inc., where I will post available cotton prints that are in stock for making fabric overlay collars & leashes.

Most of these fabrics I have purchased in 1 yard increments, a few I have in more limited quantities (these are marked) as well there are a few I have more quantity of. New items will be added as I get them, and items that are sold out will be marked as such and eventually deleted. You can view items by category (set) although not all items have been added to the sets.

*PLEASE NOTE - fabrics have been scanned and the images have been shrunk to give an overall image of the pattern. The amount of pattern visible will depend on the width of the collar selected, with the wider the collar, the more print visible.

** If you wish to have a collar made from a particular fabric that you have, feel free to send me an e-mail to arrange mailing or dropping the fabric off for me to work with. Quantity of fabric required will depend on what you want made with it.

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