Friday, August 27, 2010

Convertible 3 Ft. to 6 Ft. Leash

These are super cool.

Someone had one at the Spruce Meadows AKC Summer Classic dog show, and they let me take some measurements and photo's on my iPhone, and I was able to reproduce this nifty leash.

Let's start with the handle.  When the leash is at its 6 foot length, this is what the handle looks like.  It is a fixed (stitched) handle with an mobile o-ring.  Not too fancy yet, but just wait, it gets better!

Here is the trigger snap end with the leash at it's 6 foot length.  Again there is another o-ring, but this one is fixed into place.

Okay, here's where it gets interesting...  To convert from a 6 foot to a 3 foot, you feed the webbing through the o-ring on the trigger snap end.

You keep feeding this loop of webbing through until the two o-rings connect.  This keeps the leash at a 3 foot length, and the handle becomes the large loop of webbing.

To convert it back, you simply pull the non-fixed o-ring outward and the leash extends back to it's 6 foot length.

How seriously super cool is that?!  Let me know if you'd like to order one.  Right now this only comes in a 1" width.

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